You’ve taught yourself Ruby and Rails using books and online courses, but every time you figure something out, there’s a new issue. You get stuck, confused, and overwhelmed after learning for a while because there’s too much Ruby and Rails tutorials and courses.

You don’t know how to go from tutorials and guides to actually build a useful app. You’ve managed to combine different step-by-step tutorials and adjust them to fit your Rails project, but you still don’t know how to build useful Ruby and Rails 5 apps from scratch.

You don’t know which path to take because every online video course and tutorial uses different tools and Ruby gems. So you don’t know which ones will prepare you for a career in software development and which ones will limit your career opportunities.

You’re a self-taught Ruby and Rails developer, but you can’t think of an idea for a practical Rails 5 project, or can’t find an existing Ruby project that you can use to gain practical, real-world experience that’ll make you move up from your current stage.

You got stuck after learning Ruby and Rails for a while and also got confused as to which skills to build upon because you don’t know which ones are dead-ends, and which ones will always make you a marketable, in-demand and trusted Ruby and Rails developer.

Right now, you’re looking for one single source of Ruby and Rails resources from start to end, with easy to follow examples; without all the extra text and fluff explaining how X language is different from Y language or demonstration of basic Ruby and Rails 5 syntax.

“How can I always keep up with new updates to Ruby and Rails 5?”

How can you jump ahead from your current position without being language agnostic, without knowing half-dozen languages and without practicing for 1,350 hours when there’re always new inventions in the web and software development world?

How can you advance from beginner to intermediate to lead developer when majority of books, tutorials and courses assume you’re a complete non-technical beginner, and you can’t find good resources with sufficient depth that fits your unique learning profile?

How can you convey that you don’t just know your way around Ruby and Rails 5 projects, but you can also be of value when it comes to solving problems with software?

What if you could “model” highly-skilled,
highly-paid Ruby and Rails pros?

You know there’s no better way to master Ruby and Rails 5 than to apply what you’ve learned and do the thinking yourself to build an app that’s interesting and useful.

You know you must work on Ruby and Rails projects that are challenging so that you can grow as a developer. And you should build useful things, otherwise you can’t get users who’ll give invaluable feedback; feedback that let’s you know you’re doing things right.

As you know, DHH learned Ruby when he was hired to build Basecamp for real users and he invented Rails framework as he built a SaaS app that was useful to his partners.

Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of The Personal MBA, learned Ruby and Sinatra as he built systems and tools to automate and run his publishing business more efficiently.

I became a confident Ruby and Rails developer when I started building Ruby and Rails apps that were useful to businesses, including HubStaff, ConvertKit and Enza Academy.

You can also boost your web development career so that you can deserve that big promotion, land your next full-time Rails developer position, attract high-paying freelance-consulting clients and even build your uber-profitable software empire.

Yes, you can finally stop getting underpaid or underemployed…

EVEN IF you learned to program at a much older age than most of us.

EVEN IF using a new language or framework has been difficult for you.

EVEN IF your current team isn’t good enough, but you can’t change jobs right now.

Introducing Software Ignition™ Coaching

Picture this, ambitious Ruby and Rails developer…

You’ve been hired as CTO of StartupYou, working remotely on a 3-month contract.

You’re responsible for making technology recommendations, training new team members and building products that sell. You must build software products for customers and also build internal tools that’ll make the business run smoothly.

You must build two Ruby and Rails products before your 3-month contract ends, otherwise, your contract will not be extended and you must find a new profession.

Ship Ruby and Rails 5 Apps That Sell Now
Using Only “Impact Maps” That Work…
In Just 60 Minutes Per Day

Product Roadmap #1: Build an Open Source Ruby Program

The first practical Ruby app you’ve been tasked to build is a Ruby CLI app that extracts SEO data from the web. It must work on Windows, MacOS and Linux. The Ruby app must also save data into a CSV / TXT file that’s available to stakeholders at StartupYou.

Product Roadmap #2: Build a Multi-Tenant Hiring Platform

The second practical Rails app you’ve been tasked to build is a multi-tenant hiring platform. The app must process payments with Stripe, display the listings for 60 days and send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email updates to users based on their subscription.

Getting Started With Software Ignition™ Coaching

Here’s what YOU DON’T GET when you join other product-focused Ruby and Rails developers who’re determined to stand out and take advantage of Software Ignition™ Coaching…

YOU DO NOT GET a step-by-step tutorial that tells you what classes and methods you should write next because your clients or full-time employer will never do that when you’re working on a Ruby project.

YOU DO NOT GET a downloadable PDF or video that’ll collect “digital dust” on your hard-drive because you can’t achieve results without writing code and implementing solutions inside your Rails project.

YOU DO NOT GET the source code for another simple CRUD app or social-networking clone built with Rails 5 because those don’t make your Ruby and Rails 5 portfolio stand out from those of your peers.

INSTEAD, I’ll show you how to ship useful, practical software products from scratch using your chosen Ruby and Rails 5 stack, live demos and test suites written in RSpec…

…so that you can master the exact impact mapping, software development and delivery processes used my highly-skilled, highly-paid Ruby and Rails professionals you admire.

Here’s just a sample of the Ruby and Rails topics, concepts and techniques that’ll be printed into your mind’s eye and become natural-habits for you after you complete this first-of-its-kind training, designed for Rapid Skill Acquisition…

Follow the “Ruby Style” & Rails conventions to write better code Use best practices and write code that looks professional, and is easily maintainable
Know the relationship between MVC components and how they work Easily create queries involving multiple models and third-party libraries
Quickly debug errors, messages and then easily fix your own Ruby and Rails code Choose the right Ruby gems and tools for your Ruby and Rails apps, in every situation
Create a routine that’ll help you keep up with all the new updates to Ruby and Rails Setup and write automated tests with RSPEC, and prioritize features to develop
Setup your production servers and deploy to Heroku, Digital Ocean or AWS And many more just-in-time Ruby and Rails topics, concepts and techniques…

If you give me just one hour per day for 90 days inside Software Ignition™ Coaching…

I’ll give you the unfair advantage and confidence you desperately need to accelerate your progress, produce measurable results with your work, and stand out from the horde of developers out there, so that you can also accelerate your career in web development.

Here’s EVERYTHING YOU’LL GET when you pay your tuition and enroll…

Module #1: Your First $100K From Open Source Marketing and Consulting

In this training, I’ll show you the three-legged entrepreneurial and developer-friendly approach to turning your Open Source contributions into income or revenue for your software businesss, without asking for $1 donations from your core users…

EVEN IF you don’t have a computer science degree.

EVEN IF you don’t consider yourself a prolific developer.

EVEN IF you don’t release a smash-hit, community-based software or tool.

Module #2: RSpec 3 Test Cases for Building Ruby and Rails 5 Apps From Scratch

You’ll get the RSpec test cases, high-fidelity mockups, and project briefs for shipping two Ruby and Rails apps from scratch, all by yourself. You’ll know exactly what you must learn to move to the next stage of your career (and everything you must ignore for now).

You’ll finally know you’re on your way towards mastery when all of the tests are green.

Module #3: Your Own Client-Centric Portfolio of Ruby and Rails 5 Products

You’ll finally create a client-centric portfolio of Ruby and Rails 5 applications, source code and live demos you can be proud to showcase on your GitHub profile.

You’ll also use these as “starter apps” when practicing new Ruby and Rails 5 topics, concepts and techniques. And send them to employers / clients to close deals quickly.

Module #4: The SaaS Developers’ Library of Ruby and Rails 5 API Clients

You’ll have full access to the ultimate list of Ruby and Rails 5 gems that’ll turn every SaaS app you touch into a scalable, easily maintainable and uber-profitable product.

These include Rubygems for Payment Processing, NPS Analytics, A/B Testing, Live Chat, Transactional and Drip Emails, Dark Launches, and User Onboarding services.

Module #5: The “Trust-Velocity” Vault for Growth, Traffic and Conversions

You’ll have complete, unrestricted access to 20 Predictable Hook Triggers you can install in every SaaS or digital products you build. You’ll use these to bring more cash-in-fists customers to your web and digital products, so that you can get invalauble feedback…

…feedback that let’s you know you’re on the right (or WRONG) path.

These are all the proven old-school traffic, conversions and result-driven growth strategies I contineously test and implement for my $5K private consulting clients.

Module #6: 90 Days of Just-In-Time Private Email and Video Coaching

Got specific questions for your own Ruby or Rails 5 app? Not sure how to deal with a tricky situation in Ruby or Rails 5? You have a nagging career question? Just shoot your Software Ignition™ Coach an email, book a call and get unstuck – in 60 minutes or less.

Speed Coding Bonus #1: Reference Implementation for Two Product Roadmaps

You’ll have all of the source code, plus live demos for both product roadmaps written by another experienced Ruby and Rails developer, so that you can see different approaches to implementing the same features in Ruby and Rails 5 apps and self-correct your work.

Speed Coding Bonus #2: Lifetime Membership To Our “Kingmakers” Community

Inside this students, friends and alumni-only community, you get the one-on-one support, motivation and accountability you need from your Software Ignition™ Coach so that you never, ever get stuck practicing alone again and become a “Kingmaker” for life.

What’s your investment for Software Ignition™ Coaching today?

Here’s the only question you must answer before you take me up on this offer…

How much would you invest to finally know exactly what skills you must build upon (and all the ones you should ignore) to get the confidence you desperately need to ask for a promotion at work or demand high-rates from your freelance-consulting clients?

How much would you invest to finally master the skills, knowledge and simplifiers you need to build your uber-profitable software empire in record time, instead of 10 years?

$2500 for an all day, in-person workshop? or $12,500 for a 12-week, full-time bootcamp?

Because I don’t want tuition to be an obstacle for anyone who’s very eager to accelerate their progress and grow as developer, I’m not going to ask you to break that piggy bank.

Your tuition starts at $399 and will increase by $100 after each hundredth sale or version bump, which ever comes first. The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay for this program.

Right now, you get unlimited access and lifetime updates to Software Ignition™ Coaching for a one-time payment of $499

No Subscription. No Shenanigans. No Sweat.

Please DO NOT enroll in Software Ignition™ Coaching
unless you’ll take action and achieve this UNBEATABLE PROMISE

You’ll master the exact “impact mapping” process professional Ruby and Rails developers like Ryan Bigg, Justin Weiss and Ben Orenstein use to ship software products that are used by thousands, sometimes millions, of people every day.

You’ll model how Ruby and Rails professionals deliver products instead of reading another Ruby and Rails book from cover to cover. Or watching another outdated video tutorial that doesn’t work as soon it’s published and makes you even more confused.

You’ll focus on the only two product simplifiers that matter when building valuable software with Ruby and Rails, so that you can help your clients achieve their business goals and accelerate your career in software development in the process.

You’ll rapidly evaluate the market profitability potential of your next micro SaaS product, features and native integrations, so that you can weed out losers, double-down on the winners and lower the costs of product development and distribution.

You’ll confidently determine consumer demand of your next micro SaaS product, features and native integrations, so that you can find and sell more to your most profitable customers, who’ll also provide an avalanche of word-of-mouth referrals.

You’ll inexpensively extend the longevity potential of your next micro SaaS product, features and native integrations, so that you can create evergreen products that sell out today, next year or even 10 years from now, without getting burned out from work.

You’ll predictably skyrocket the competitive advantage of your next micro SaaS product, features and native integrations, so that you can dominate your category, eliminate comparisons to your competitors, and become the only logical solution to customers.

HookOps’ Standard 60-Day Success Guarantee

That’s Right! Because you also deserve a truly remarkable career in software development, go ahead and take Software Ignition™ Coaching for a full 60-Day Unristricted, Unlimited Test-Drive. After that, if you can’t achieve what you want to accomplish or you’re not thrilled with your results, request a prompt and courteous refund. And you’ll still keep and use the content – on the house.

Remember, you'll not find this kind of all-in-one, SaaS developer training anywhere else, at any price. I've searched earth and space for 3 solid years, but it doesn't exist. That's why I opened a private lab, invested thousands of dollars attending workshops, and tested every material on strangers. You can have only what's working right now, skip the trial-and-error, and cut your learning plus execution time in half.